Foundation and Extension
"Shant" TV was founded by Arthur Yezekyan in 1994, in the second largest city of Armenia Gyumri.
Regardless the fact that the economic condition of the republic was alarmed in the result of the ruining earthquake and there was lack of even the worst conditions, "Shant" succeeded to find not only ways of surviving but also pass the harsh and at the same time full of successes way towards development.
Since March of 2001 "Shant" TV extended the regular broadcasting in capital Yerevan as well. Only during some 3-4 years "Shant" managed to become one of the leading TV companies of the capital which is now the most trusted and believed.
In 2007 the programs of "Shant" became available for the Armenians of the USA as well. Starting cooperation with "ARTN" TV in Los Angeles, the programs of Shant were spread throughout whole Northe America by satellite transmission, and then our programs started retransmission through "Basic Cable" free networks: KVMD in the whole territory of Southern California providing opportunity to the Armenians of California to watch programs for the first time.
Since December of 2008 the satellite broadcasting of SHANT TV started which includes almost the whole continent of Eurasia.
Revolutionary initiations
SHANT TV realized several projects which completely changed the modern look and the content of modern Armenian television.
Since 2003 SHANT TV started the first international format production in Armenia "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", which was the first step of integration to international television industry.
Later almost all the famous shows of the world were added to the latter;
 1. Pop Idol
 2. Got Talent
 3. Power of 10
 4. So You Think You Can Dance?
 5. Strictly Come Dancing
 6. My Name Is...
7. X-Factor
SHANT TV became the founder of Armenian TV serials production, starting the first Armenian series "Vervaratsner in the Family" since 2005 and created the genre of serials that did not exist in Armenia before that in about three years.
Several projects of SHANT TV Company had decisive and significant importance for several spheres of culture such as: Folk Music, Folk Dances, TV Film Production, Pop Music etc. restoring and modernizing those.