Erik telling about being one of the judges of

13 Feb 2017

Singer Erik will hold the "position" of a judge in the project "X Factor" on Shant TV for six months. As we already know from the TV program, together with Garik Papoyan, Shushanik Arevshatyan and Yegor Glumov he will choose the contestants of "X Factor 4" and will also take them through all the stages of the project. 

Changes of the judges in “X Factor 4”

08 Oct 2017

Tomorrow the 4th season of “X Factor” will start on Shant TV. In her interview with BlogNews Anna Tadevosyan, director and producer of the project said that this time an incomparably greater number of people have submitted applications for participation.

“I am looking for artistic people full of energy”, - Erik Karapetyan.

12 Oct 2014

The 4th season of “X Factor” has begun. After a 2-year interval an incomparably greater number of participants have applied.

“After a two-year interval “X Factor” is coming back”,- the producer says.

06 Oct 2014

After a two-year interval “X Factor” is coming back. The first stage of the popular project will be aired on Shant TV on October 9, at 21:00. Anna Tadevosyan, producer of the show, told Life.panorama.am about this.

“X Factor 4” “We have received an unprecedented number of applications”, – Anna Tadevosyan.

06 Oct 2014

As it is already known, Shant TV has started the new season of the TV project "X Factor". The staff, which has already presented to the audience three successful and highly rated seasons, is now getting ready for “X Factor 4” with great enthusiasm. Magnis.news talked with Anna Tadevosyan, the general producer and director of the TV project "X Factor" about the progress, expectations and changes in the project.

This week Yuri left the project

26 Mar 2017

As a result of the voting after Gala show 5 of the Armenian “X Factor 4” Yuri Adamyan left the project. The integrity of Andre’s group of 3 was broken, but 19-year-old Yuri accepted the decision of the public with pride and with great plans for his musical future.