Yegor Glumov

Yegor Glumov

Gor Grigoryan is a famous Armenian showman, experienced radio host and advertisement manager.

Gor Grigoryan was born in Yerevan on December 5, 1973 . In 1990 he graduated from Secondary school after Belinski.  
In 1995 he graduated from the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. 

Then he served two years in the Armenian Armed forces and got a Major.

Since 2001 he has been working at one of the best Armenian Radio channels – Radio Van, as a host and director of creative department.

In 2003 Gor won the nomination of the best radio host in the annual National Musical Awards of Armenia.

From 2001 to 2013 he won 11 awards in different nominations as a radio host (The best masculine voice; The best radio host; An innovative approach to radio journalism, etc.). 
All in all he has 140 awards in the sphere of advertisement. 

Currently he’s the host and the producer of a cheering morning program in Radio Van which is called “Glumov’s Morning” (“Glumovo Utro”)


TV Projects

2005- Armenian “Pop Idol” (Hay Superstar) season 1- judge.

2007 – Armenian “Pop Idol” season 2 – judge

2009 - Armenian “Pop Idol” season 4 - judge

2010 - “X Factor ” season 1- Judge

2012 - “X Factor ” season 2 – Judge  
2013 – “Just The Two of Us” (Duet)  season 1 - Host  
2014 - “X Factor” season 3 – Judge  
2000-2015 – “Van Music Awards” - Host