Garik Papoyan

Garik Papoyan

Garik Papoyan is a well known Armenian humorist, scriptwriter, guitarist, singer, songwriter and music producer. He’s also known for his activity in the sphere of alternative rock music in Armenia. 
     Garik Papoyan was born on 20th September 1984 in Gyumri, Armenia. As a child he moved to Yerevan. In 2001 he graduated from the secondary school #196. 

In 2010 he graduated from Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) state University, department of Tourism and Advertisement, BA degree.  
In 2007-2010 he was the scriptwriter and also an actor in an Armenian humoristic project “32 Teeth”(32 Atam) in Shant TV.  
In 2009-2010 he was the co-producer and the host of an improvisational TV program “3 Walls” in Armenia TV.  
In 2009-2010 he made his own TV program in Dar 21 TV “Hello Garik” where he was also the Host.  
In 2010 he played as an actor in “Mer Baky 3”(Our yard 3) humoristic soap opera.  
In 2010 Garik joined humoristic Vitamin Production Club, where he was an actor, presenter and scriptwriter. Apart from this, he is the composer of the program’s soundtrack.

 At the same period he also made his own adventurous TV program “Harts chka” (No Problem) in Shant TV. He was also involved in the British TV show “Pop Idol” in Armenia (Hay Superstar) in Shant TV as a judge.  
    In 2012 he was the judge of humoristic TV show “Kankhik Humor” (“Cash Humor”) broadcasted on Shant TV.  
In the same year Garik managed a concert dedicated to the memory of Michael Krug in Russia where he arranged the song “Zolotye Kupola” for symphonic orchestra and rock instruments. 
Since 2010 Garik Papoyan has been the judge of the British musical TV Program “X Factor” in Armenia during three seasons in Shant TV.  
He was also involved in Armenian TV project “Premiera” as a judge and music producer (Shant TV).  
Currently he’s the host of Armenian TV show “Arena Live” and host and scriptwriter in another Armenian humoristic TV show “Suspicious Evening” (Kaskatseli Ereko) broadcasted on Shant TV.  
In 2014 Armenian singer Aram MP3 presented Armenia in Eurovison song contest with the song “Not alone”, the lyrics of which were written by Garik Papoyan. The song won the fourth place in the contest.  
Garik Papoyan has written lyrics and music for a great number of famous Armenian songs in Armenian and English.

Musical activity

1st album - “Inquam”

Composer of the soundtrack to the Russian movie “ What Do Men Do?” (Что Творят Мужчины) and a video clip to the soundtrack Soundtrack to the Russian movie “Legok Na Pomine”


Music TV Projects

2010 - “X Factor ” season 1- Judge

2011  - “Armenian Pop Idol” (Hay Superstar) season 5 – Judge

2012 - “X Factor ” season 2 – Judge

2013 - “Premiera” season 1 – Judge

2014 - “X Factor” season 3 – Judge

2014 - “Premiera” season 2 - Host

2016- “Premiera ” season 3 – Judge and music producer

2016 - “Arena Live” – Host  


Movies (Main characters)

2014 - “Super Mama”

2015  -“Siro Gortsakits”