Grigor Aghakhanyan

Grigor Aghakhanyan

Grigor Aghakhanyan is a famous showman in Armenia, humorist, actor, rap and jazz singer. He has been the host of a great number of international and native TV shows, including “Got Talent”, “SYTYCD”, “SCD”, ect. Meanwhile by first profession he is a dentist.

Grigor was born on 5th March 1968 in Sochi, Ukraine. As a child he moved to Armenia with his family.  
In 1985 he has graduated from the secondary school after A.Chekhov.  
He also took piano lessons for 7 years at the School of Music after Sayat-Nova in Yerevan.  
In 1985 he entered Yerevan State Medical University, the department of dentistry. While studing there he started to take part in humoristic activities within the university.

 Since 1988 he has been working at theatre “Metro” in Yerevan as an actor. He was also one of the founders of this theatre.  
In the beginning of 1990s he has sung in “Asparez” studio in Yerevan and introduced rap music into Armenian music culture.  
Up to 1997 he has also worked at “Yerevan State Song Theatre” (Ergi Petakan Tatron) as a singer. 
During 1998-2000 he has released three series of the album “Top 10 of Rabiz”.  
In 2000 he moved to LA, USA, where he released the forth and the fifth series of the album “Top 10 of Rabiz” and also produced and held a number of musical and humoristic projects. 
Then he started to work at “ARTN-SHANT TV” in America as a host. 
Grigor has released 7 music videos on his own songs.  
In 2009 he returned to Armenia and started to work at Shant TV as a host in a number of TV shows.   
Show Performances

2010 - “Stand Up”

 2012 - “Jean Jan”

2016 – “Plus – Minus” 

Movies (Main character)

1995 - “Mer Baky ” season 1

2015 - “Skotch And Whiskey”

2016 - “Vorogayt”

TV Projests

2008 – “Got Talent”(Taqnvats Taghand)  season 1 – Host

2010 – “SYTYCD” (Parir, Te Karogh Es) season 1 – Host

2011 – “SCD” (Parahandes) season 1 – Host

2011 - “SYTYCD” season 2 - Host

2012 –“SCD” season 2 - Host

2013 - “SYTYCD” season 3 – Host

2013 - “SCD” season 3 – Host

2014 - “SCD” season 4 – Host

2014 - “X Factor” season 3 - Host

2015 - “SCD” season 5 - Host

2016 – “Premiere” season 3 - Host