“MY MOM COOKS BETTER THAN YOURS” is a cooking gameshow featuring the best cooking mothers in the country. However, there is a twist: it’s not the mothers that compete but their sons and/or daughters (18 and above) who must cook under their mothers’ instructions.

Each show features 2 teams consisting of a mother and her adult child. The child must prepare a family recipe following the mother’s instructions.

The dish must contain a signature ingredient that has been passed through generations by word of mouth.

Mothers may help occasionally in the recipe’s preparation, but according to the rules of the show the clock is ticking faster and the more time they spend lending a hand to their child, the less time the child will have to make the dish.      

This is a show with a friendly and funny mood, in which mothers and their children show their most interesting traits. They must also be ready for the criticism of the rival team.

The show places great value on traditional cooking. We show simple recipes that can be easily followed and cooked by the viewers.

The host is very friendly. He helps the teams in the recipe’s preparation and shows some ‘tips’ on the go. The host leads the show and gives the correct explanations concerning the recipe.

The judge selects the winner through blind tasting. He/She highlights the positive and negative aspects of the dishes presented, so the viewer cannot guess in advance who the winner will be.

The judge makes the final decision before meeting the contestants.