“Shant Premium” is a new satellite broadcast in the sphere of television. Its content includes only top rated programs and TV series. You can watch your favorite TV series on this channel: it is designed for almost all age groups. Besides “Shant Premium”, the subscribers can watch two more HD channels: “Armenia HD” and “Shant Music”. Soon the list of available channels will be completed by the addition of “Shant News” 24-hour informational channel and “Shant Serial” channel.


Our TV channel is available in several platforms:

Option 1 – Satellite broadcasting

Our compatriots living in Europe, Iran, the European part of Russia and even in the Middle East can watch “Shant Premium” via satellite broadcasting. For that it is necessary to subscribe in the section “Shant Premium”. After completing the application the viewer will get our receiver and a special card: connecting it to the antenna will enable them to watch our programs. 

Option 2 – Via cable networks 

People living in France and Russia can apply to the following operators in their countries: in France e.g. to the cable TV operator “Free”, in Russia to the operators "Beeline", "Rostelecom", "Akado", "Smotreshka TV" and " TV". To people living in the region of Siberia such as TTK “TransTeleCom”".


If you have any questions or suggestions you can

call the following telephone numbers: +374 98 701 701, +374 60 701 701

Also available are WhatsApp, Viber: +374 98 701 701

You can register online
in the sectionShant Premium

You can
e-mail us via [email protected]


The parameters of “Shant Premium” are: 

Transponder - 121

Frequency - 10 930 MHz

Symbol Rate - 30 000

FEC - 2/3

Polarization - H (Horizontal)

Encoding - MPEG 4

Modulation - DVB-S2 8PSK

In order to subscribe it is necessary to obtain exclusively the satellite receivers offered by us, since any other model will not be compatible with the card system of “Shant Premium”. It should also be mentioned that all the unencrypted channels with the given satellite parameters will be available via this satellite receiver.