• Crime drama
  • Seasons
  • 159 & 171  Episodes
  • 2008 - 2010

Hovik, the main character of the film, unwittingly appears in the criminal world and in a short time manages to overtop everybody and becomes the godfather of the criminal world. In spite of the circumstances he does not change his attitude toward life. Hovik is a man who tries to preserve his human character.

“Trap” has plot developments, characters and complicated situations typical of the criminal genre. It is the only Armenian TV series the rights for the production of which have been obtained by a well-known Russian film company and based on it the Russian, adapted version of “Trap” has been made.


The scriptwriter is Harutyun Ghukasyan, the directors are Roman Musheghyan and Arman Gevorgyan, the producer is Hunan Soghoyan.