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  • Situation Comedy (sitcom)
  • Season 1
  • 28  Episodes
  • 2017

Three students and friends Garik, Goqor and Hrach have rented the same apartment. Garik and Hrach are from the regions. Goqor’s parents live in Moscow; his father is a businessman.

Apart from studying at the Conservatory Hrach studies at a dance school. Garik is in love with Eliza who also dances at the same school. Garik’s infatuation makes the friends’ carefree and happy life unbearable. And they have to take different steps to introduce Garik to Eliza.

To be closer to Eliza Garik decides to enter the dance school but there is one small obstacle – he does not know how to dance.

Will Garik win Eliza’s heart or will he just become a professional dancer?

The scriptwriter is Andranik Isahakyan, the director is Arsen Yeremyan, the producer is Hunan Soghoyan.