• Melodrama
  • Season 1
  • 2017-2018

The plot of the TV series “Elen’s Diary” develops around four young people – Elen, Max, Levon and Sara. They study at the same school, but Elen and Levon are newcomers. Levon and Max become enemies from the very first meeting without knowing that fate has surprises for them.

Sara and Max have been in love for a long time, but is it the love that the young people have believed in for such a long time or Elen’s coming into their life will change everything?

Along with the life and love story of the four characters the plot develops around other students as well – Liza, Mariam, Rob and others, with their family and personal problems. Secrets that will not be possible to hide; love that will change the fates of all the characters of the TV series.

The scriptwriter is Ani Maghakyan, the director is Mher Khachatryan, the producer is Hunan Soghoyan.