Horizon Akanates - SOON


Horizon Akanates - SOON

This project was developed by Shant TV as an additional segment for Horizon news program. From now on, with the launch of the program “Horizon Akanates” Shant TV provides the viewers with the opportunity to turn from passive consumers of information into news makers, and at the same time earn money.You just need to:

● download the mobile application Horizon Akanates in your smartphone (iOS and Android versions are available);

● record a video/take a photo, if you have become a witness of any noteworthy event;

● choose an option in the program suggested by the editors;

 ● upload the video/photo.

In case of confirmation you will get monetary award. The award can be transferred to your bank account. Your video/photo will become available for millions of people by appearing in Horizon news program and in Horizon Akanates mobile application.